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Start your weekend off right! - snoopj
12:47am - Saturday - 12/2/00

Well, I don't mean to sound like an annoying infomercial, but I figure it would be a good headline. Anyway, I'm back from Charlottesville, Virginia (home of the University of Virginia) and next week, I'll be in San Bernardino, California. I hear it's nice there. Plus, the temperature is still in the 70s and 80s. r0ck!

Anyways, the demo for Alice finally hit today! It weighs in at around 78MB. I just finished downloading it (172k/sec) and will install it and maybe even give some first impressions in the forums when I'm done. Here's a list of mirrors for you all:

Alice Demo - 78.6MB

And you thought your outages were bad... - Sir.Cracked
8:13am - Friday - 12/1/00

If you thought you were getting upset with your internet outages, Check this out. The picture that goes along with it is the best part. Now THAT's an outage!

And, for some fresh humor, new comic strip (well new for me, looks like its been around for just a bit..) check the Life of Riley, It looks rather funny. I actually noticed it because of the cool shirt being sold based on it.

[Updated:After reading their archive, I have to give a link to this one. Prepare for loud laughing type noises.]

And finally, just in case you hadn't already heard about this on the news/radio, and you didn't really want to be hungry for breakfast (I'm not kidding, you probably WILL lose your appetite after this), You can check here for all your breaded chicken head needs.

Gaming changing culture - Sir.Cracked
12:01pm - Thursday - 11/30/00

Wow, today seems to be providing a veritible FLOOD of gaming news and features. Well, mostly features.

I don't know what you folk think about Jon Katz, oft flamed on Slashdot. However, this seems to be an interesting article by him. Check it, and then spout off here what you think.

I wonder why... - Sir.Cracked
8:07am - Thursday - 11/30/00

For those of you who don't check Gamespy, they have a surprisingly interesting series on different game developers and their names. More specifically, how they chose those names. Today they posted part 4, with links to the other three at the end of the article. Included in today's update is ID software.

And for all those Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 owners (I must admit, Im one too), if you had been thinking about getting a P4, think again. The motherboards released by Intel that are currently the ONLY boards that can use the P4, Don't properly follow Intel's own AGP spec. As a result, they won't supply the 3.3v signaling necessary for the V3 and V5. Yet another reason to switch to AMD.

Info from The Reg was found Here, as well as a nifty little FAQ on 3dfx's page.

Gamer Server Page - Player List Added! - Voodoo Chile
10:36pm - Wednesday - 11/29/00

Ever curious who's playing on the CaRNaGGe game servers but don't want to take the time to exit what you're doing and boot up a game? Not a problem anymore.

We've updated our game server page so that it now lists all of the players currently connected to your game servers.



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